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      We know that every property and owner is unique so we custom tailor our services to meet the individual needs of you and your property.

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    • "Superior Letting and Property Management"

      For over 30 years our senior staff have been providing a friendly, professional service to landlords and tenants all over New Zealand and beyond. We have staff in Greater Auckland, Hamilton and the Waikato, Wellington and the Hutt Valley, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. We can also service in other areas more often than not or recommend colleagues in the field.

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      • Market your property in multiple websites when vacant or coming vacant.
      • Have tenants shown through in the most convenient manner for all concerned.
      • Take comprehensive applications including photo ID from interested applicants.
      • Credit check, character check, tribunal check and reference check applicants.
      • Consult with you re applicants, terms of tenancy prior to signing for you approval.
      • Prepare comprehensive agreement, bond form and winz redirections if required.
      • Supply you with a copy of the agreement for your records
      • Prepare a comprehensive ingoing inspection report and chattels list with supporting photos, have tenant counter sign and supply a copy to you.
      • Arrange for drug testing of the home at the beginning and end of each tenancy as and if directed by you.
      • Carry out quarterly re inspections for maintenance and tenant care and report to you.
      • Advise of maintenance needs and requests as required and arrange with your or our tradespeople to remedy.
      • Collect, monitor and disburse rental payments.
      • Collect, monitor and disburse utility payments.
      • Collect, load and release bonds as required.
      • Advise you of possible rent increases and decreases as market place moves with supply, demand and season.
      • Represent you at tenancy mediations or tribunals as and if the need arises.
      • Give you the confidence that your investment is well cared for.

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    • Property management is all about people management and our people care.